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Couple Therapy Session

Individual Therapy For Men and Women

Married or single, a change in one person can lead to a change in the relationship
Single or married, the journey of individual therapy for men and women can be an enriching experience. Counseling can help you to diminish some of the painful affects of the past that continue to impact the quality of life and relationships.
Depression, anger, stress, loneliness, anxiety and feeling in happy in your relationship are painful experiences that lead you to meet with a counselor. Chances are you have experienced one or more of these conditions.  You don't have to face these painful experiences alone. When we feel any of these emotions such as feeling depressed, despair, angry or grief, in the midst of these emotions many feel broken and deeply hurt and hopeless. Self-care is an important component when you go through frustrating and painful times.  Practicing healthy self-care is non-negotiable when you might be barely keeping your head above the water.  It's important to find a place where you can experience renewal and healing by meeting with a Licensed Therapist who is experienced to help you. The process of effective therapy is about helping you to move toward feeling restored, so that you can function well again and feel yourself. 

You can enjoy singleness and have fun as a single person. However, people grow and thrive when they are in relationship with other people. Whether singleness is a temporary or a permanent state your soul still needs to grow and thrive. I often hear from singles in my counseling office,that while there are aspects of singleness they enjoy they also want to be married someday, and long for a connection with another person. This is healthy, natural and a common feeling. Sometimes singles are not sure what that would look like, and they want to know how to achieve that.  Single men and women often say "I am not sure how to move forward and be happy and find that person".

It is critical that you take the time and work on yourself through effective individual therapy and work on your personal struggles before getting married or seriously dating that person.  Taking sometime to look at yourself and some of your family of origin issues could create a great clarity for your choices which will impact your life.
Seek good and effective therapy for any of the issues that you might be struggling with.  For example, if you have fear of intimacy, face it, talk through it and look at the underlying thoughts and feelings with a licensed psychotherapist. The process of good therapy can move you toward growth where you can begin to uncover the personal struggles that may have kept you single longer than you wanted.   

It is highly critical that you deal with the roots of your singleness.  Sometime there is unfinished business within your soul.  It is not uncommon when a single person may still be struggling with basic trust issues, or fear of intimacy and perhaps a tendency to allow others control them. As a result of this they keep finding themselves in repetative painful patterns in relationships.  As I have said in earlier pages of this website, our early life experiences have a huge impact on who we are today. How we have developed as people, how we communicate, and how we see ourselves. This plays a huge role in the way you bond and connect in relationships. To find out what your bonding style is please be sure to take the  How We Love - Love Style Quiz.

Do you have passive tendencies, do you avoid difficult issues? Do you vacillate? Is it easier to please others? Do you know how to share your emotional needs with others in your intimate relationships and have good communication?  How good are your boundaries with others?  Do you know when and how to say no and when to say yes?  Do you know how to find safe people to connect with?

Taking a good and honest look at yourself through process of individual therapy would include focusing on specific issues and that can make a huge difference in your life.  Please don't wait any longer.
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