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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling in Toluca Lake Burbank 

Find hope, healing and restoration for your marriage. 

Marriage is the most important relationship you will create. Not just for your marriage, but happy marriages produce happy children.

Marriage is a unique relationship and unlike any other relationship. Marriage requires attention and attending to by each spouse. As relational beings, you are designed to connect with your spouse. When you get in your car do you check in with your dashboard before driving it, do you make time to notice your fuel and other basic needs. In marriage you must have an awareness not only of yourself but your spouse. Seeking awareness is that act of attending to each other’s souls. You must be attentive to your marital relationship as you are to your car. What is your dance in your marriage today? Do you have the awareness, the skills and the ability to attend to each other’s needs and souls. What did you learn growing up? What did you see? How would you know to do that if you are not aware and have the skills in the relationship. This is no one’s fault, it is about learning how to fill our emotional tanks?

Adversity in your marriage provokes growth! Find out how to grow closer to each other.

In order to experience an authentic connection in marriage, both spouses must be able to communicate their emotional needs clearly. Many people don’t know how to do this! Your early life experiences and your early history plays a significant role in your marital relationship and how you two communicate. It’s important to discover your love style which explains your marital problems and much more. You can take this love style quiz as part of your counseling process with counselor Jousline Savra.

Your love style plays a huge role in every aspect of your marriage. It is imperative that you make space and time to attend to each other, and know how to go through your marital conflicts or struggles. The longer you wait as a couple, and ignore or delay facing your problems, the more painful your experiences will be. Your marital problems and tense relationship also impacts the rest of your family. Your kids are significantly impacted by how you talk or treat each other. The happier and healthier your marriage, the happier your kids will be. No matter what age your kids are, the quality of your marital relationship and how you talk or treat each other leaves a lifetime lasting impression that won’t be erasable.

For better or worse, our early life experiences teach us how to love. As a married couple, you are in a particular relational dance that keeps you arguing, experiencing certain upsets and feelings such feeling frustrated and misunderstood.  Couples don’t know that there is a better way.  Also, many couples struggle in the area of sexual intimacy. True sexual fulfillment really works in the context of emotional and relational intimacy and love. Many couples are not aware of all the underlying unresolved emotions can impair their sexual intimacy. 

After attraction, dating and marriage, many many couples don’t know that their histories shape their sexuality. Couples don’t know how to build a sexually satisfying marriage. Couples are unaware that the role of friendship and their attachment style plays a critical role in healthy sexuality in marriage. They are unaware that abuse, porn, affairs and other hard stuff destroys intimacy and connection between two people. We are designed as sexual beings with a purpose in mind. 

You can get the right help by meeting with a relationship expert. She uses attachment theory, and concrete communication tools that change marital relationship for better. This is totally up to you.  If your marriage needs improvement or restoration, this is the place to get the right help. Are you ready to experience a true closeness and connection in your relationship?

Do you and your spouse need to rejuvenate, restore or rescue your marriage today?
Do you need to refresh your relationship and your communication skills?
Does your marriage need to be rescued or restored?

Is your marriage in crisis?

Are you experiencing betrayal or infidelity in your marriage, or perhaps your husband struggles with compulsive sexual habits such as pornography? Do you feel confused, lost and hopeless?

Are you dealing with unresolved anger and long term pain between you two? Passing of time will not resolve your marital problems.

What is your situation today? Are you tired of your marital communication challenges and don't know how to make things better between you two?  Are you and your spouse constantly bickering, dealing with sex, money, work-related issues or family-in-law matters?  Another common problem is that many couples don’t know how to talk about the reality and the role of sex in their marriage.  Can you have an honest talk about sex?  Is that original attraction you felt still alive in your relationship?
The important key to solving marital problems is when you both can have an honest conversation without reacting to your spouse. If you don’t know how to do that please take the time, and get the right professional help. The passing of time or ignoring your problems will not solve your relationship problems. The longer you wait the more complex and difficult it will be. Have the courage to face, and address it with the right marriage counselor. 

Attachment Theory and You.  Your problems did not begin in your marriage. You and your spouse each have an imprint which is, a result of your early life experiences. During your counseling with Jousline Savra, you will learn what your love style is, and how your love style causes problems in your relationship, in spite of how much you love your spouse. You can find out more details about this by reading Jousline’s counseling and marriage Blog on this site.

Meanwhile, feel free to contact Jousline Savra to set up an appointment to do in-depth work on discovering what your attachment or love style is. You can click right here for an appointment “contact me” where she will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also visit How We Love website and take the love style quiz, right here to learn about your love style. Learning your love style and your own attachment style can significantly help your marriage, the way you communicate, change your life, and your interpersonal interactions for better.

Consistency and keeping the momentum going is highly critical in order for you to experience changes in your marital relationship. Ms. Savra offers simple, practical and effective tools to take your relationship to the next level.  This all depends all on you and your comittment to the process of therapy.

Important Information: As a relationship expert and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Jousline Savra meets with couples who are in a committed relationship, either married or engaged focusing on improving their marriage or preparing for a lifetime of authentic loving marriage. Jousline Savra walks you through the steps of diagnosing the health of your relationship, and then provides you with ways to improve in areas that you may be struggling. Every marriage and every relationship has room for improvement. The specific tools that she offers are specifically for those couples who are in a committed relationship.

What To Expect:  When you begin meeting for marriage counseling with Jousline Savra, you can discover and identify the source of missteps in your communication. You will discover the roots to your arguments, and find out exactly what you can do instead of constantly arguing. Communication is the lifeline of any marriage or relationship. Communication is really challenging and a complex part of any relationship. 

Many times couples don't learn the effective ways of communicating prior to getting married. They don’t realize that problems will be carried on to their marriage. Therefore timing and taking care of your problems in your communication is the key to saving your marriage and learning how to grow closer to each other as years pass you two by and feel more connected.  This takes effort, time and energy just like anything else in your life that you make room for and attend to.  After you say "I Do" does not mean that all is well and you no longer have to win her or know how to love him.

Perhaps, you need to repair love or trust that has been broken! Whether you want to rejuvenate your marriage repair and restore your relationship, Ms. Savra can help you, if you are each serious to make changes.  She uses unique tools that can help you create comfort in your marriage, and take your communicate to a deeper level than before. She creates clarity for each of you, and will show you how your love style sabotage your relationship and your marriage. She helps spouses understand each other in a new way and improve their communication.

As your Los Angeles Toluca Lake Burbank Marriage Therapist, Jousline Savra is committed to help you grow closer as a married couple you can learn how to resolve conflicts and gain better communication skills.  She utilizes effective communication techniques so that as a couple you can use for the rest of your lifetime. This all depends on you. She conducts in-depth marital counseling sessions with couples helping them to communicate well without holding onto negative feelings for a long period of time.  The couples counseling sessions are experiential and teach couples specific content to improve their communication skills and their relationship.

There are no quick fixes in relationships. It is in the process of therapy and marriage counseling that you take your marriage to a different level and grow closer to each other. This will take several months. If you are looking for a quick fix of visiting only for a few sessions you will not get the right help. Depending on the level of your commitment and your goals you will see changes in your relationship and improve your marital relationship for better. Your willingness to reach out for professional therapy is a sign of wisdom and strength.

There is a big difference between being truly married, feel close and connected with your spouse versus just living life together and being on the same team and sharing tasks. Are you able to be open and kind as a spouse as you face challenges in your relationship? Do you know how to have difficult conversations yet remain feeling connected with the other person? Do you know how to identify and share your emotions for the purpose of enhancing the communication in your marriage? 

Do you know how to continue building and maintaining your relationship moving closer and closer to each other as years go by? Serious Change is only possible when you understand the root to your couple's problems and when you take action to make changes!   Couple's therapy is a process in that every couple can benefit from. Those couples who have a "normal" amount of arguments and miscommunications as well as those who find their relationship in serious jeopardy. 
  • You long to connect with your spouse but no matter what you attempt, it does not work.
  • You haven't had a real conversation for days or weeks.
  • Sometimes you argue over money or late nights out.
  • You no longer have heart-to-heart conversations and when it comes to sex, you may say, what's that?

Most common issues that bring couples into therapy are: infidelity, sexual concerns, separation or divorce, not feeling happy in the marriage, not being able to get along, loss of attraction, healing a traumatic event such as not knowing how to deal with spouse's addiction and having conflicts with the in-laws.  Among the most difficult parts of any healing is that first step.

Basically your relationship is on the rocks. You both know it, but you both avoid the tough conversation because you aren't sure how to fix things and you are not even sure if you want to. If you do talk about what is going on you will end up having a huge argument. Sadly, this scenario applies to so many couples, married or not.

Now, it’s up to you to take the step to get real help for your marriage. Contact us.