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Couple Therapy Session


Challenges in relationships, feelings of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, sorrow, insecurity
Remember when you take care of yourself by looking inside, you could exhilarate in your relationships, in your work and in your life.
If you have unresolved trauma, it may be the underlying issue of your depression or anxiety.
Pain is a precursor for change! Pain makes us face our reality!
Depression, anger, stress, loneliness, anxiety and not feeling happy in your relationship are painful experiences that lead you to get help.  Chances are you have experienced one or more of these conditions.  You don't have to face these alone. When we feel any of these emotions such as feeling depressed, despair, angry or grief, in the midst of these emotions many feel broken and deeply hurt and hopeless. Perhaps you struggle with a type of anxiety and this impact almost every aspect of your life. Self-care is an important component of facing any of these issues. Please do not put this off. Practicing healthy self-care is non-negotiable when you might be barely keeping your head above the water.  It's important to find a place where you can experience this. The process of effective therapy is about helping you to move toward feeling restored so that you can function well again and feel yourself. 

Everyone from time to time has had life experiences that have been confusing, painful or challenging.  Life is difficult.  You are the one person who can make the changes necessary in your relationships that would lead to healthy and a meaningful place in life.

In spite of your challenges today, and your past painful life experiences, it is up to you to take the right steps. Finding the therapist who is the right fit is half of the work. You may find it helpful to read my blog discussing how to search for a good therapist. You may click right here to read about finding a marriage therapist.

Perhaps, you are married and your spouse is unwilling to meet with a therapist for marriage counseling. Please don't let that stop nor discourage you. The good news is that, if your spouse is unwilling to do therapy, you can still seek theapy for yourself. One change can be significant in the relationship. Do consider individual therapy, and you can tell your spouse that you are going to follow through with your individual counseling and he/she can inform you later if they have a change of mind.

As humans, we are not designed to live life nor process our stories alone in isolation, but we are supposed to be with someone whom we can connect with.

Married or Single - a change in one person can lead to a change in the relationship
  • Are you still dealing with some unresolved pain or issue from the past or your family of origin?
  • Are you ready to turn your relationship in the right direction, but don't know how? 
  • Do you feel anxious and you feel stuck becaues it's impacting your relationship and your overal wellbeing?
  • Is sometimes your past interfering with your present relationships?   
  • Do you have difficulty saying no? 
  • Are you tired of that addiction or addictive behavior in your life?
  • Did you get into the relationship quickly and you keep having arguments and don't know how to move forward?
  • Do you know how to have this difficult conversation that is not detrimental to your relationship?  

Jousline Savra uses attachment theory as she helps adult individuals and couples in her counseling practice in Toluca Lake.

Attachment Theory and You.  Every person has an attachment style which is also their love style. Your love style is formed as a result of your early life experiences. During your work of counseling with Jousline, you will learn how your love style causes you problems in your relationship and your communication. You can read more about love styles in Jousline Savra’s Blog section in this website. 

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact Ms. Savra to set up an appointment to do more in-depth work on your attachment or your love style and gain clarity on how your attachment style sabotages your relationships.  You can click on this section contact where she will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also visit How We Love website and take their love style quiz, right here to learn about your love style. Learning your love style and your own attachment style will significantly help and improve your life, your marital relationship and overal your interpersonal interactions for better.

Your Toluca Lake Therapist is highly experienced and trained to help you as a facilitator in your journey of self-awareness. Ms. Savra helps men and women addressing difficult issues in their relationships during the process of their individual therapy. Sometimes it’s the first time they can uncover and heal from any unresolved issues that may be standing in the way of creating positive and healthy changes in their lives or relationships.

Therapy For Women:
Women often struggle with self-criticism, self-doubt and feeling not good enough. While this is very sad and women suffer in these ways, they have not taken the time to reflect on the root of these thought which leads to these misleading negative feelings. Our early life experiences create a blue print that has a lifetime impact. The good news is that you can change it as an adult.  
I often hear from many women statements such as: "I don't feel like I matter"  "I don't have a voice in the relationship and don't know what to do" or women say  "What's wrong with me?" "I don't feel seen in my relationship"  "I don't know how to deal with my husband's addiction?"   They see themselves as the problem. Similar thoughts and feelings that have been going on for a long time, they tend to lead to depression, anxiety, overall feeling unhappy and feeling stuck.   Do you identify with any of these?

Many women are suffering in a silent pain of shame, confusion and sadness when their husbands struggle with any sexual integrity issuesm such as viewing pornography or engaging in extra-marital affairs, and perhaps more.  Women feel so much shame about their husand's sex addition and compulsive sexual habits outside of the marriage while they suffer alone.  
Don't be alone with this pain. Many times women believe that the sign of strength is being able to handle marital problem alone, and as a result they have become emotionally self-sufficient.  Unfortunatley, this is an epidemic and many marriages are sufferingdue to sexual integrity issues.  The role of social media has also made this issue more complication. 

One of the most important tasks women have as women, is to learn to value themselves. Learning and taking the time to look at your  uncomfortable feelings and experiences and understand your pain, is the key to your overall wellness. You can’t do this alone, actually you are not meant to go through this alone!  You must find the right theapist who can help you to grow and heal where you hurt and feel alone, confused and betrayed in your marriage.

Therapy For Men:

Only if men could talk!   Our culture teaches men to isolate when they are in pain.  In particular, in today’s culture with the power of social media and confusing messages, men are more confused than ever. Men numb their stressors and negative feelings with different types of activities and addictive behaviors that they may not be aware of.  

Boys are given certain messages such as it's not OK to show feelings when they were growing up. When the boy becomes a man - in his intimate relationship, his significant other expects him to be a sensitive communicator, and express his feelings, and he has yet to have figured out for himself what that means. These experiences may lead men feeling at a loss to meet expectations as they communicate, it may lead to feelings of inadequacy, frustration and anger.   The process of individual therapy can help men with the opportunity to get a clarity for themselves in identifying their true emotions, look at their value system, reflect on who they are as men and learn how to effectively communicate in his relationships and connect with his wife.  The journey of individual therapy can also create feelings of self-empowerment that will enable a man richer relationship with himself and his loved ones.

If you are reading this page and you live near Newport Beach, I recommend Dr. Cheryl Dale who is specialized in eating disorders. Dr. Dale has much experience and she is wonderful in helping individuals with anxiety, trauma, depression and other emotional struggles.

Jousline's counseling office is located in the heart of Toluca Lake in Burbank close to Studio City blocks away from NBC Universal City. An advance appointment is requied - you may go to top of this page & click for an appointment . In your email, please include.only dates and times for requesting for an appointment. In your email, please do not include any sensitive clinical or relationship issues.