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Marriages Need Boundaries

In meeting with numerous married couples, I often see that couples are surprised about the concept of marriage needing boundaries. First you have to understand this concept and know what it means, then apply it to your marriage. It is common that boundaries could get confused in particular in the marital relations so it’s critical that both spouses have a conversation about boundaries in marriage. Most marriage fail because of poor boundaries than any other reason. Let’s first clarify and understand what a boundary is.


Steps to Find A Good Marriage Counselor
Welcome to Jousline Savra's counseling blog. It is my sincere hope that you will find my counseling blog offerings useful, insightful and thought provoking. Let’s begin by telling you a little bit about myself, shall we?

As a Burbank marriage counselor specializing in relationships, I am a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and have been practicing since 1999. My specialties include helping adult individuals, couples, and family therapy with their adult children.
I also facilitate eight week marriage workshop in my counseling office from time to time. If you want to learn more about the Marriage Workshop please visit the Events page under counseling service.
My Burbank counseling office is located in the heart of Toluca Lake in Burbank couple blocks away from WARNER BROS. STUDIOS & THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS and UNIVERSAL CITY STUDIOS and LAKESIDE GOLF CLUB vclose to Studio City, Universal City and Hollywood Hills West.  I also have the pleasure of leading and facilitating married groups during the New Life Intimacy in Marriage and Restore workshops. I help adult individuals and couples to become familiar with their attachment style, and how their attachment style impacts their marriages. I use attachment theory to help you discover your love style, and move you towards more effective ways of connecting with others in intimate relationships. Please be sure to read the rest of this blog as I discuss how to find a good couples therapist.
Married to an Addict

Sometime a person has difficulty making decisions, setting healthy priorities or setting limits with a partner, they have difficulty identifying how they feel, think they can take care of themselves without any help from others, they feel embarrassed asking or admitting they need help, they minimize, deny or alter how they truly feel, they avoid and postpone addressing the addiction or don't know how to address it instead of reacting to it, they express negativity and aggression in passive ways or indirectly and they don't realize that the men whom they are attracted to or living with, are not available to them.
Help For Your Marriage
Four Steps to take in your marriage with your spouse when in conflict!

Marriage requires hard work and can be challenging. Some of the
common relationship problems with couples are: infidelity, unending arguments, addictions, power struggles, narcissism and alienation. These are really hard issues to deal with in any marriage. These problems can also keep the couple from the energy they need to spend with their kids and the proper attention their kids or teens deserve. If you are in a marriage that is facing problems and your marriage is being tested, I have a few tips for you.
Reasons You Are Having Problems In Your Relationship
If you have read my previous blogs in this website, you can see that I am a strong practitioner and a believer of the attachment style. Whether you are married or single know that have an attachment style which is causing some serious problems and misunderstandings in your relationship.

What is an attachment style? Attachment style has to do with the way you relate to others in your intimate relationships. This style affects how you talk to others, it impacts the way you get close to others or not, it also explains why you are frustrated in your relationship, why you run into arguments and why you are not happy and feels stuck. Your attachment style also explains and clarifies how you find love, why you get attracted to certain individuals and explains the way you keep your love!!
Happy Couples Are Emotionally Focused Couples
What is an emotionally focused couple? Simply put the key to having a successful marriage is when you are able to consistently connect emotionally and relate to your spouse from a secure attachment. The common complaints couples make are as follow - they report that they are growing further apart, they have arguments, they are dealing with spouse's addictive behavior or sometimes infidelity. As a marriage therapist, I discover that there is a pervasive pattern which is due to couples experiencing emotional disconnection and not having the relational and communication skills. Couples feeling disconnected from each other leads to infidelity, arguments, addictive behavior or other marital problems.
Insights for Couples and Individuals and Their Relationships!
I have good news for you. Your marital problems were not created in your marriage. These problems began before you got married. If you are an adult man and a woman who is single your current relationship struggles are linked to your early life experiences which you keep experiencing as you date! Surprised?