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Jousline Savra is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist helping couples and adult individuals single or married to improve their relationships.  If you are ready and serious to make changes in your life then you have found the right place to get help.

Jousline Savra is highly experienced in mental health issues and relationship issues and a very effective psychotherapist.  In addition to helping numerous men and women strugglng with a variety of emotional and relational issues through the work of individual therapy and couple's therapy, Jousline is also an effective teacher and a public speaker. In her counseling practice in Burbank she offers simple yet practical and helpful communication tips to couples and individuals.

Food for thought: If you are not taking care of yourself and what is going on inside of you, you are not going to exhilarate in your work, your life and your relationships. Does this resginate with you? Are you tired of struggling in your life and your relationships?

Are you looking for help for yourself or your marriage? If you are thinking and saying yes to this question then you are in the right place.  Jousline Savra as Burbank and Toluca Lake counselor can help you to address your relationaship and emotional struggles.  To email Jousline or set up an appointment conveniently you can click right on this page on the upper right corner.

From time to time Jousline Savra also is a consultant to managers, organizations and executives providing them special training to improve communication and staff interaction in working environment. Ms. Savra's focus is to help you improve your relationships and interactions both personally and if need be professionally.   Please take the time to read through these web pages to get specific and helpful information.

Perhaps you are not dealing with very serious emotional issues, rather it's some unresolved long term relational struggle that you have never taken the time to explore or adddress in a very trusting, safe, comfortable yet professional place.  No matter what age you are at this time, you can always take the time to get clarity for yourself.

Jousline's counseling office is located in the heart of Toluca Lake of Burbank only a few blocks away from Warner Bros and the Walt Disney Studios and the Media Center.  Many of her clients also come from surrounding cities such as Studio City, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills, Sherman Oaks, Encino, La Canada, Los Feliz, Glendale, Pasadena, Tarzana and as far as the city of Bel Air.

If and when you are serious about making changes in your marriage and your relationship be sure to meet with her.  Please take a tour through these web pages so that some of your questions may be answered prior to your contact for a brief consult.  

If you are ready and serious to improve your relationships, improve the way you live, love and work then you are in the right place.  During the counseling process Jousline Savra helps individuals and couples learn their love style which is based on their earlier attachment experience.  In the process of marital and relational therapy couples and individuals have a clear explanation for their predictable dance which causes the same arguments and conflicts which arise again and again.  Many individuals and couples state why did I not hear or know this before?     No matter what problem you may be facing right now, know that you are not alone. Finding the therapist who's right for you is the key to experiencing real solutions to your challenges as you move towards your goals, without wasting years of hard work and financial resources.  At some point in our lives everyone struggles with issues that feel overwhelming. Sometimes we find solutions on our own, and there are times in life that we might need support from someone who can be objective, focused and trained to help you.

Jousline creates a warm, open and trusting environment so that the individual or the couple is better able to explore core patterns in your relationshp, core fears and beliefs that have been maladaptive in achieving satisfying, healthy and happy relationships. Jousline's focus is providing you the best professional counseling services by working closely with you in a safe and non-judgmental setting. In your counseling sessions you can discuss your feelings and experiences that may be causing you frustrations, feeling stuck, and facing difficulties in your relationships.     The most effective way to find out more about counseling is to set up an appointment to meet with Jousline in person, so that way you can discuss any important issues and you can ask her "if now would be the right time?" "Do your issues warrant therapy?" Feel free to call her or send her an email requesting for an appointment. You can either contact her via this website or by calling her at (626) 433-3051. Call her today.

Counseling Office is located
conveniently accessible from: Studio City 91604 Hollywood Hills West 90046  Los Angeles 90068 Toluca Lake 91602 Sherman Oaks 91423 Universal City 91608  La Canada Flintridge 91011 
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