– The following comments are unsolicited

We have been so fortunate to have been able to work with you. Your brilliant determination, your thoughtful, powerful intention have brought our family to an important and exciting new beginning. We sincerely thank you and we will miss you.
– Family 

I want to thank you for a huge difference I have noticed in my life during just the last six months. I used to watch my life pass by daily. I’m amazed at how my life is different for better – my experience of life is totally different as I am able to make better choices and thrive daily in all I do. Thank you for your help, your guidance and your presence during this journey. I am excited about my ongoing growth professionally and personally.
– Female

We are grateful for your help during the last few months. When we came to you, we were so overwhelmed and sad. As we are about to conclude our couple’s counseling with you, we have noticed significant difference in how we talk to each other. We keep using the tools you have taught us, we are also using them in how we parent our kids. A huge change for better in our family home. We love using “the comfort circle” dialogue. Today we feel confident about our future together. We can now talk about hard issues without fighting and hurting each other. We feel closer to each other and handle a lot of things much better. We are deeply grateful and can’t say thanks enough for all you have done for our marriage. Eternally grateful.
– Married Couple

After meeting with you, I realized that I didn’t live my life fully before coming to see you. I did not know how to listen to those I loved before meeting with you. After the last few months of meeting with you, I have woken up. My relationships are changing – now I know how to listen to my loved ones. My panic attacks have stopped, and I feel like I am living a different kind of life. I am happier, and honest about my feelings with others. I want to thank you for all that I have learned during the process of therapy. Now I tell my friends they need to seriously go for psychotherapy. I tell them about you and I hope they see you. Thank you very much!
– Divorced middle-age male

Jousline Savra’s insights and wisdom during the counseling sessions helped me make important life-changing decisions with confidence. She is warm, caring and has a lot of personal depth. I took a great deal of time to look for a therapist that I could be comfortable with and someone who could help me. I am so glad that I achieved this. Jousline helped me to see how I was relating to others. I have learned a lot about myself and I feel happier in my relationships. I am now able to say no others when I need to without feeling guilty. I also have a better understanding about relationships and feel confident in dealing with others. Counseling with Jousline has made a huge difference in my life. She is caring, direct and has helped me a lot so grateful to her.
– Anonymous Single Male

We were referred to Jousline Savra after months of counseling with a different therapist with no progress. Jousline’s approach to therapy has helped restore our marriage. She asked us if we were committed and serious about our couples therapy. We were nervous initially and soon felt very comfortable with her. She gave us the relationship tools we needed. She is wise, patient, kind and highly professional. We are grateful to her, and we gladly recommend her.
– Anonymous Couple

Jousline has greatly helped to get my life back and connect and interact with my loved ones in healtier ways. Can’t say enough thanks.
– Single Mother

As a couple we feel so blessed to have found you as a therapist. My husband and I walk thruogh the reward and challenging journey to greater marital connectedness. Thank you for your wisdom, insight, skill and guiding hand. We can’t wait to continue working with you during this new year.
– Anonymous Couple

I am truly grateful for all your great help, teaching, guidance and caring ways. Thanks for being so much help in my life. It has been incredible how much improvement and change I see in my life. I’m so glad I did meet with you and can’t say enough thanks. My life is so much better as I look forward to my future.
– Anonymous Female

Our entire family including our three adult children were struggling with long-term issues and conflicts which had never been resolved. After several months of counseling with Jousline we were able to get through one of the most trying hurdles as a family. Jousline’s therapy approach – her guidance and her insights helped us face painful issues with grace and new kind of acceptance of each other. She went above and beyond in supporting and helping us. Jousline had a professional and a caring way which helped our family to deal with painful issues with grace and with success. We can’t thank her enough for the way she cared for our family.
– Anonymous Family

As an engaged couple we went to see Ms. Savra because of serious communication problems we were having, and while planning for the wedding we realized that we needed to make time to figure out our communication problems. Finding Ms. Savra is one of the best things that has happened to us and a blessing. We can’t say enough to thank her as she worked with us week after week. We both saw serious changes after five months into this process. Working with her made a huge difference for us. We appreciate all her excellent work her kindness in our session helping us improve the way we talk to each other. Our relationship is so different today. Many thanks to her.
– Anonymous Engaged Couple

Jousline Savra has an exceptional ability articulating the real issues in the process of therapy. I had been in therapy before but I always walked away after a few sessions. It was easy to open up to her and I felt understood and listened to. Jousline is professional and warm. I feel so fortunate to have found her. I highly recommend her.
– Anonymous Female

My husband and I were talking about separating. Jousline’s perception and understanding of our problems was right on the money! She is a good listener, and wise. We began feeling hopeful after a few counseling sessions with her. Jousline helped us learn about ourselves as individuals, and then as a couple through painful conversations. We have learned new tools for how to communicate effectively while respecting each other’s differences. She is an outstanding marriage therapist and because of her, we are still together and continue to make positive changes.
– Anonymous Couple

*** Jousline Savra ONLY sees clients in the state of Georgia. Licensing Laws forbid Marriage and Family Therapists to practice outside the state in which they are licensed.