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Improving relationships and helping couples and adults attain emotional stability and connections through Marriage Counseling and Psychotherapy

Jousline Savra is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Roswell and the greater Atlanta area (MFT001945). She is licensed in the state of California as well, (MFC#45283). She is an expert specializing in marriage counseling, relationships, and family therapy with adult children. She is an attachment-based psychotherapist. Ms. Savra is also certified in Brainspotting Psychotherapy, which is an effective treatment for trauma, anxiety, depression, and much more.

As a Family & Marriage Counseling expert, she has more than 24 years of counseling experience

Jousline is highly experienced in helping adults improve the quality of their lives such as communicating effectively, focusing on their growth, and meeting their interpersonal and professional goals.

Ms. Savra helps her patients to lessen anxiety, recover from trauma, and discover their full potential. She has extensive experience working with various creative professionals such as actors, directors, writers, and musicians on performance issues using Brainspotting in addition to their overall interpersonal goals and relationships.

She is highly insightful and quick in assessing difficult cases. In particular, she helps couples with any challenges they face in marriage including communication skills, infidelity, sexual integrity issues, parenting issues, and any long-term unresolved conflicts.

Prior to her current private practice, her professional background includes extensive clinical experience treating patients in numerous clinical settings. Treating patients with complex diagnoses including; mental disorders and addictions – in institutions such as inpatient and outpatient clinics, Twin Towers Los Angeles Jail, residential facilities, schools, and psychiatric hospitals for two decades.

As a Family & Marriage Counselor, Ms. Savra is highly effective in helping couples repair and restores their relationship after painful betrayals

She has helped countless couples and adult individuals in many areas of life with her unique blend of wisdom, helpful insights, compassion, and interactive style. She offers keen insight into all aspects of life, family, marriage, parenting, dating, and personal growth.

She played a significant role as a clinician co-leading and launching an intensive outpatient treatment program treating patients with mental illnesses and addictions to the homeless population from 2000 and 2005. In addition to this, she led a team and supervised several staff members on her team as a clinician.

In her current private practice as a marriage and family therapist, she is highly experienced in coaching top-level executives, managers, and leaders who want to maximize their potential in their personal and professional lives as they lead corporations.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jousline Savra is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is part of the New Life Counseling Network which is a daily radio program helping numerous people nationwide. In particular, Jousline Savra has extensive experience facilitating groups of couples with the New Life weekend workshops known as “Intimacy in Marriage” utilizing the attachment model of How We Love, helping couples to repair, restore, and heal marriages.

Jousline Savra utilizes the How We Love model authored by the Yerkovichs in her counseling with couples in the Roswell area. She has completed extensive instructions on utilizing the How We Love framework for relationships coaching couples on their love styles. She is also endorsed by Relationship 180.

Jousline creates a warm, open, and trusting environment so that the individual or couple is better able to explore core patterns in their relationships and the way they interact with each other. Core patterns are key components of your relationship. Core patterns are those core fears and beliefs that have been maladaptive and they are in the way of achieving satisfying, healthy communication skills and happy relationships. Jousline’s focus is to provide you with the best counseling process and the type of therapy that is helpful to you and your relationships. Whether it’s marriage counseling or individual counseling, she will work closely with you in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

In addition to her expertise in relationships, she is highly experienced in conducting family therapy with parents and their adult children who wish to resolve important relationship issues from past or current challenges. She is a gifted family therapist focusing on couples and parents who have specific issues with their adult children.

Jousline Savra completed her undergraduate degree in B.A. from Azusa Pacific University and her Master’s degree in clinical Marriage and Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute. She graduated from both schools with distinctions.

Lectures and Workshops:
In addition to her practice, she is an effective speaker and teacher to a large group of people speaking about relationships, addictions, and other mental health disorders at intensive seminars, churches, and other group meetings.

If you are looking for a speaker or a facilitator for a workshop at your organization, your church, a treatment center, or a university, she is available per invitation on a variety of relationship issues. Jousline is also available to provide consultation to the entertainment industry.

You will find Jousline Savra’s Family & Marriage Counseling in the Roswell, GA area. Jousline’s office is within walking distance from the historic region of downtown Canton Street.

You may contact her by sending her a message through this website – You can request an appointment on this site or by calling her at 626-433-3051.


*** Jousline Savra ONLY sees clients in the states of California and Georgia. Licensing Laws forbid Marriage and Family Therapists to practice outside the state in which they are licensed.