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Jousline Savra is a licensed marriage family therapist in the Burbank – Toluca Lake area. Her specialties are: Marriage Counseling, Individual Therapy with Adults, Pre-marital Counseling,  Couple’s counseling, and Trauma therapy including Brainspotting.


Helping marriages and relationships move in the right direction

Counseling for couples feeling stuck repeating the same old patterns

Couple’s counseling creating deeper connection

No matter what you are going through there is HOPE. You are not alone. Please don’t wait any longer and get the help you need now.

As a marriage and a relationship therapist in Burbank Toluca Lake, Jousline Savra provides a thorough assessment of each couple’s current struggles, offering practical and effective tools to help them make progress. She also provides premarital therapy including psychotherapy with adult individuals with a variety of issues. She is a certified Brainspotter, which utilizes a revolutionary therapeutic technique for trauma and anxiety called Brainspotting. Please find out more by reading the page on Brainspotting under the counseling services.

Jousline Savra’s office is located in Burbank Toluca Lake walking distance from Warner Bros Studios, and only a few miles away from Comcast NBC Universal City Studio City Hollywood in Los Angeles area.

    • Improve your communication skills
    • Make a deeper connection in your marriage
    • Learn to emotionally connect with your spouse
    • Stop repeating the same old patterns of communication 
    • Balance life’s demands married or single 
    • Resolve unresolved long-term emotional pain
    • Discover your love style in your marriage or dating relationship
    • Heal from trauma
    • Get unstuck in practicing poor communication style

Important tips for finding a marriage counselor
Brainspotting Psychotherapy
Marriage Counseling
Premarital Counseling
Family Therapy with Adult Children

For additional privacy, special arrangements are easily made for high profile individuals or couples who request to meet with Jousline Savra. 

As a Burbank Licensed Psychotherapist specialized in Marriage Family Therapist,  and a relationship expert, Ms. Savra provides counseling with couples who are married or engaged to be married. Her main focus is on relationships, authentic marital connection, and any emotional and relational obstacles in life that are preventing you from living your full potential.

She helps couples learn practical and effective ways of communicating with each other. Couples learn new ways of listening to their spouse and express themselves in which they experience true intimacy and connection.  She helps each spouse learn how his or her love style (attachment style) impacts their marriage and their communication. Our early life experiences have a huge impact on our current relationships including our marriages.

Understanding your love style is critical. Your love style is the reason for many challenges in your marriage. Discovering your love style is part of the solution. That’s right, your love style has much to do with the way you love, communicate, react, or connect with your spouse. Surprised? Your love style will help you understand your reactions to your spouse. Are you ready to learn new skills to face your relationship problems.

You have taken a courageous step. You are probably here because of emotional pain, relationship problems, a life crisis, or maybe infidelity in your marriage. For many people, it is really hard to make that phone call and get help from a marriage counselor. It can be difficult because it may cause fear or anxiety talking about painful feelings regarding your relationship or personally within you. The longer you wait with your struggles, the more difficult it will be to restore your marriage and get the resolution you deserve. If you are serious about making real changes in your relationship, then you are in the right place.

Life is hard and messy sometimes. No matter what your story or your struggle may be, life requires you to do hard things in order to make things better. So it’s up to you, if you want to do that hard work and move forward towards healing and growth, or continue to feel stuck or frustrated in that emotional pain in your relationship.  You choose which pain you want to live with. Realizing as a married or engaged couple, if you do not seek help to resolve your current problems, they will not disappear over time.  It’s up to you to take the time and get real help. The best way to find out about counseling is to meet with a good and seasoned marriage therapist for a few times and decide for yourself.

Therapy is also for high-functioning clients and very successful professionals who would need a therapeutic place to process a variety aspects of their career, relationships, and day to day life.

When we communicate, our spoken words can originate from deeper issues, carrying enormous power. It’s time to find out what this all means and improve your communication. Communication is the life-blood of any relationship, and is necessary to create and maintain healthy ones.

Finding the right marriage counselor who can offer you clarity and tools for change is critical. 

Jousline Savra’s counseling office is conveniently located in Toluca Lake right across from Tower Burbank and within walking distance from Warner Bros Studio, Disney-ABC Television Group and blocks away from the Walt Disney Studios and blocks away from Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca lake and Toluca Lake Tennis and Fitness Club.  Our Burbank marriage counseling is very close to Hollywood Hills. You will also find our counseling office a accessible to several freeways in Los Angeles.

It is Jousline Savra’s great privilege to serve the community of Toluca Lake and the surrounding cities such as Studio City, Hollywood Hills West, Universal City, Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks. Many clients of Jousline Savra travel from numerous parts of Los Angeles such as Bel Air, West Los Angeles and parts of Orange County.  In addition to providing psychotherapy to adult individuals and couples, one of Jousline’s strong interest is to teach and speak at workshops, treatment centers and churches. She also works closely with the professionals in the entertainment industry and high-level executives.

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