Our perspective will serve as the anchor of whether our relationships will succeed or fail. It is a matter of choosing to believe if we are seeing ourselves in it in the long run or not. On the other hand, we still need to consider that there may be behaviors that lead to the breakdown of relationships. It will just be a matter of catching it at the right time. 

Often, people seek the help of a therapist when their relationships are already at the brink of a breakdown. What many fail to see is that this is almost the end of the line for relationships because to consider separation means that they no longer see hope in it. The behaviors involved within the relationship may seem out of the control of each party because these could be dictated by many factors. 

However, it is important to understand that during rough patches in our relationships, psychotherapy should be part of our solutions to consider. A good therapist would be able to help you go around your relationship’s difficult situations even before it goes to the brink. He can make you see how your situation can be changed by positive behaviors. 

So, rather than wallowing in the negative, a psychotherapist can help you take control of your situation. He will help you get the positives reinforced within the relationship to mend the damage that words or experiences may have caused.

And who says that psychotherapy is only meant for relationships that are going down the drain? Happy couples are also recommended to seek therapy. This will help you strengthen your current ties with your partner through activities that will validate your positive experiences. This will also help your partner appreciate you more through the therapy sessions. More than the activities, it is always good to highlight that you are both investing time and effort to engage because you consider your relationship as important. As such, therapy helps avoid any future breakdown of the connection rather than getting a fix for it in the middle of a rough patch. 

If you think about it, relationship therapy is a good exercise for many couples. During points within the relationship, you will consider that fights can happen. Miscommunication can also occur with unsaid words or misconstrued comments. At times, even if your partner would probably try to make up with physical touch, you will not always get it the first time. 

Such instances, among other things, are common causes for your relationship to break down. For others, it could be a lack of time and attention because the partner works too hard or is too preoccupied. The feeling of neglect or dissatisfaction is another factor that can lead to issues. However, if therapy has been helping your union become stronger, then these would serve as spices to your already exciting life.

In reality, there still seems to be a stigma in getting into relationship therapy. A well-renowned doctor in divorce prediction and marriage counseling did research and found that it takes about 6 years before couples seek relationship therapy. In that span of time, their problems would have already accumulated to a point that many issues already seem irreparable. This data is consistent with the experience that experts have in Solid Foundations Therapy. Couples who seek their help are the ones who have been agonizing over their relationship issues for too long. This means, too, that the moment they sit on the couch, they often burst with a bag full of unspoken angst and complaints. 

If explored well, you will realize that going through psychotherapy is a worthwhile activity with your partner or spouse. This highlights the value that you are both putting into the relationship. It is a matter of making a decision to invest your time and effort in therapy because you consider it worthwhile for your partner.

If you look more closely there are a handful of reasons how relationship therapy can truly help you.

Therapy will help keep your relationship a healthy and well-rounded one. 

You can think of this as taking care of your house. You take steps to ensure that you get it checked and repaired yearly. This puts your home in top shape and gives you confidence that it will withstand all weather conditions. 

Seeing a therapist regularly will help keep you and your partner better attuned to your needs. 

You may not immediately realize it but your relationship needs were very different from what you are looking for now. The same would be true if you were to anticipate the change in a decade. A psychotherapist will help you to better understand these changes. By doing so, you will know how to manage your expectations and also exhibit acceptable behaviors that your partner can also adapt to. At the same time, psychotherapy sessions will also help you to adjust to the needs of your partner.