Gain Relationship Skills Through Marriage Counseling

Studies show that couples who go through marriage counseling are less likely to get divorced within three years of starting counseling than those who haven’t. Marriage counseling allows you and your partner to identify relationship problems and work toward new levels of intimacy, communication, and problem-solving skills that help you reach your goals. 

The key to the success of your marriage is NOT WAITING long. A couple must get help as soon as they start struggling with communication or lack of connection. The longer the couple waits, the more complex their marital issues will become. 

Therefore, if you’re ready to make the most of your marriage, you should consider counseling services. Marriage counseling sessions offer a safe space for you and your partner to discuss what’s going on and find ways to work through conflicts.

Reasons why you should seek marriage counseling 

Marriage is a beautiful thing and can be pretty fulfilling, although it’s not always easy. 

Sometimes problems need to be addressed for your relationship to last. If your marriage is in trouble, there are several reasons why seeking marriage counseling may be a good idea. 

Think about it – this isn’t just for couples experiencing significant problems. It’s designed to help anyone improve their relationship, regardless of the state of their relationship. 

The best part is, marriage counseling sessions are confidential. What is discussed in the session does not leave the room, so there’s no fear of someone finding out about your concerns or problems. Marriage counselors have special training and experience that allows them to help you navigate difficult situations and find solutions that work for both of you. 

The sessions allow both of you to feel heard and understood by a third party, which is often the first step toward solving any problem. It helps you identify what needs to change to save your marriage or relationship. And to improve couples’ relationships, therapists help them identify what needs to change instead of constantly fighting with one another. 

Benefits of marriage counseling 

Marriage counseling is an excellent way to help you and your partner work through problems and better understand each other. 

Improves communication 

Marriage counseling helps improve communication with your partner. Without good communication skills, your relationship will suffer from misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Marriage counseling helps couples develop skills that will enhance their communication to address challenges better as they arise. 

Enhances parental responsibilities 

Parenting can cause stress even in the most substantial relationships because it requires teamwork and cooperation. If one parent isn’t doing what they should be, it can affect children’s development and couple growth. Counseling aims to streamline that by highlighting the roles of each partner in marriage. 

Increases emotional awareness 

Marriage counselors help you and your partner become more aware of how you feel about each other and what’s happening in the relationship. It can help you to build stronger emotional bonds and resolve issues more easily when they arise.

Improves conflict resolution skills 

Marriage counselors teach couples how to resolve conflicts without arguing or fighting. They encourage them to find solutions that work for both partners. As a result, couples are in a better position to manage their conflicts after getting professional help. 

Promotes individual growth 

Jousline Savra encourages couples to work through their issues independently before coming together to discuss them. It helps partners gain confidence in their abilities and skills, which helps in relationship growth. 

Address financial issues 

Money can cause arguments between couples, especially if one partner earns more than the other or spends more than they earn. Therapists are trained to help couples work through their financial challenges to prevent them from escalating and getting out of hand. 

Marriage counselors sometimes offer basic financial skills to help couples learn how to save money and avoid overspending by creating a budget together or learning how to invest wisely in ventures they are both passionate about. 

When to consider marriage counseling 

Studies show that the outcomes of marriage counseling are often positive and that couples who seek help report being happier than those who do not seek professional assistance. 

It should be considered when you and your partner have been through challenging times in your relationship, such as: 

  • Infidelity: The discovery of an affair can be devastating for both partners. It’s essential to face this issue together to move forward as a unit. 
  • Adultery: If you’ve been unfaithful but want to save your marriage, counseling helps you better understand the reasons behind your infidelity and work through them with your spouse. 
  • Money problems: Financial issues can cause significant stress in a relationship and lead to arguments between spouses. Divorce is often spurred by a lack of financial stability, whether due to debt, lack of savings, or retirement funds. You should address these concerns early and learn ways of managing money as a couple. 
  • Stress: Life events like losing a job or dealing with family illness can cause stress in couples. If unresolved and stress becomes too much for one partner, it could lead to an affair or other problems that often cause an unhealthy relationship. 
  • Trouble communicating with each other: Talking about problems openly and effectively is crucial to resolving conflicts. If you find yourself avoiding difficult conversations, this may be a sign that it’s time to see a counselor.

Critical relationship skills to keep your relationship going 

There are many marriage skills that you can learn through marriage counseling. With the help of a therapist, you can master basic relationship skills that can help your marriage better and last longer. 

Some of these skills include: 

Communication skills 

Verbal communication skills: This is the basis of a good relationship because you cannot effectively resolve any problems that may arise without it. Communication skills include listening well, speaking clearly, asking questions, and being assertive. You will need this skill if you are to have a successful marriage. 

Non-verbal communication: The ability to communicate non-verbally is another skill to develop toward a successful relationship. Non-verbal cues help in expressing your feelings and emotions. For example, body language can say more than words ever will. Counseling enables you to understand your partner better by reading their non-verbal cues. 

Conflict resolution skills 

Conflicts happen in all relationships at one time or another, but they don’t necessarily mean that you are having problems with your partner or marriage. It means things need to be discussed and resolved once both parties feel comfortable about the issue. It should be done openly without getting emotional or defensive about what happened or what caused the conflict in the first place. 

Does marriage counseling work? 

The answer is yes, marriage counseling does work. Couples should embrace counseling, as it helps them to learn how to communicate better and healthily resolve conflicts. It also encourages you or your partner to discuss issues you might be uncomfortable discussing with anyone else. 

Jousline Savra understands your needs and has years of experience working with people with similar concerns. As a licensed marriage and family therapist in the Roswell, GA area, she identifies the issues that are keeping you apart and provides insight into how you can begin to rebuild trust and intimacy in your relationship. 

Her primary goal is to help you and your partner face and overcome lifelong issues rather than tackle them one at a time. She continually provides long-term healing and supports couples in overcoming their emotional scars so that they can laugh, love, and cry together.

Contact Jousline today. She is here to help you build a healthy union with each other.